Fotex Mattress Ticking

Fotex Limited have a vast amount of stock of over 250 mattress tickings located in West Yorkshire.

Our customers are spoilt for choice with our array of plain and patterned designs on knits, damasks and borders, with various weights to suit all requirements and pockets.

Our Sales team have access to our online showroom where all the samples are available to view, or our showroom is open by appointment, the choice is yours.


If you are looking for a tailored design, and you are one of our valued customers we can work with you to provide a custom-made ticking to your own specification, with a sample arriving at our warehouse within 10 working days.  Whether it is to market sustainability or senses, we will help you source that perfect product.


We know how fast moving the Bedding Industry is, so we have tailored our delivery service and offer same day or next day delivery.  We never run out of stock which means our customers never do either.