Fotex Mattress Pocket Springs

Pocket springs, Mini Pocket Tablet springs, Bonnell springs, Bunk Bed springs Fotex Limited supply them all.

The supply of mattress springs is an integral and fundamental part of our business, we have a vast amount of stock in our warehouse in West Yorkshire ready for the same day or next day delivery. 

For bed manufacturers, the spring is an essential element to a mattress and we understand the need for businesses to hold stock.  This is where Fotex come in, we hold the stock for you, and you can receive deliveries as and when required.  Let us take the factory space headache issue away, order small quantities, large quantities or even a full truck it is up to you.


Our stocks are managed daily and replenished weekly so we never run out or have a shortage.  Currently we hold in stock, 1000 count pocket units, 1000 count encapsulated size pockets, 1500 count pockets, 2000 count pockets, mini tablet pockets, 12.5g bonnell, 13.5g bonnell and bunk bed Springs. 

As well as springs we do also hold in stock 8g round frames for bonnell spring units.


We do have some very exciting news………


We are extending our supply of springs by manufacturing them ourselves.  We have made a major investment and established our own factory in Turkey producing the main counts of pocket units.  We have a fully skilled and professional workforce with strict quality controls to ensure the best springs leave our factory at all times.  We will be making weekly container shipments from June 2021, so if your company uses a high number of pocket springs or find the convenience of ordering a full load better, then this is definitely for you.


Please contact us for further information.